A great lawn starts with the correct preparation technique.

Before we arrive to apply our products, be sure to take the following steps:

  1. Check for low spots and drainage problems. Remove all debris, wood, tones, plaster, etc. Spray hardy weeds and grasses with Roundup.
  2. Add any necessary soil amendments: peat, sand, topsoil, lime, turface, etc. as needed.
  3. When soil is moderately dry, rototill to a 6-8″ depth and rake level with small clods from grape to golf ball size. A “pebbly” surface is best.
  4. Apply seed starter fertilizer and lime. Water area thoroughly. Check for low spots.
  5. When dry, rake seedbed level to create a gradual slope away from the house to prevent drainage problems.

Once that’s all done, get in touch with us!